UniLad returns

Of all the lad sites out there, UniLad was the unfortunate one to attract the ire of radical feminists, left-wing do-gooders, and other sad individuals, like people who may think of women as equals and are aware that rape is a bad thing. 

I say ‘unfortunate’ because other sites such as TrueLAD seemed to escape the same treatment, but in any case, their return has been heralded with another wave of disapproval, largely centring around an article entitled ‘A Medley Of Minge.’

When Caitlin Moran took offense to it on Twitter, the immediate response from UniLad was that it was ‘written by a female.’ (Note the use of female, giving a familiar connection to @iRespectFemales, the worst account on Twitter, who cements his place as Feminism’s Greatest Ally by lumping all women under ‘females’ and doing a bit of slut-shaming now and then.)

Moran’s response, whether sincere or a well-judged attempt to call their bluff, was to offer a sort of mentorship to the writer in question. “She declines, have a lovely day” was the immediate response. I think we can make the reasonable conclusion that the writer may not be one of them ‘females’ after all.

Although since the three types of women the article mentions are ‘Penelope, Felicity, and Victoria’, then perhaps we should be checking to see if the guy who wrote The Good Life has an alibi. I’ve been to some middle-class parties in my time, but jesus….

Proto-banter, and proto-BanterWatch, 1710

It appears that BanterWatch has found a noble and ancient ally buried in the annals of history.

Sadly, he’s deid now. But it is, extraordinarily, none other than Jonathan Swift.

As we were informed by @Twisted_Blood (via @whoruleswhere…)

"I have done my utmost for some years past to stop the progress of ‘mobb’ and ‘banter’, but have been plainly borne down by numbers …"

Now, admittedly, Swift seems more concerned with the linguistic implications. But perhaps he could just see what was coming.

Read more: http://www.swiftiana.com/stella/?q=node/264

The early years of Banter Boy

@TheBanterBoy on Twitter. Presumably a much-coveted username.

 you know what you are 


But the most surprising of all…

 I wore French Connection because it almost said fuck on their t-shirts 

Who could’ve guessed that the people who wore fcuk t-shirts would grow up to be despicable human beings?

Reader contribution of the week

Banter Bus

by @Gillesofthenet. (Spotter, not the sub-human owner of the vehicle.)

A Very Banterwatch International Women’s Day

Happy womans day ladies. Not being funny but dinner aint gona cook itself 2nite, so cut the celebrations & gt back to kitchen pls.  - @Lewis19841

Fuck off international women’s day… Where’s international get back in the fucking kitchen day  - @DaltonBerry92

they are your right there!We can’t banter your a woman! Women can’t banter!Spoil everything! Oh happy international womens day - @JackoLev7

The 2 women at reception are full on bantering eachother and it’s decent banter!!  - @JoshCarey7292


Domestic terrorists

"my mum just terrorises the shit out of any fat/gay/black person on tv " - @NiallAshmore

Sachin Tendulkar, Mohandas Gandhi, Jawaharlal Nehru, Ravi Shankar, Guru Radha Kishan…

…your boys took a hell of a beating.

A few years back me and some mates where sitting in town on the main high street, then oneLAD proposes a race, between me and a indian boy. the race was i had to strip naked and then get dressed again (i was wearing a suit) and he had to take of his turban and then put it back on. I won... KnowsHowToTakeHisKitOfLAD - Truelad.com

I only compare cock size with my asian/indian mates. feelingbigLAD - Truelad.com

(Side note - when someone complained that TrueLad was racist, the defence was that ‘we don’t post them, by the votes you can tell what’s shit and what isn’t. Well, this had 1942 thumbs up and 392 down.)

Another dark twist for @myTruelad

"Laid in bed last night and I heard a grunt, then a woman shouted "ergh its all in my hair" then I heard the guy laughing.  - @MyTrueLad

The most disturbing thing about this tweet is, of course, the fact that - as previously revealed - the owner of TrueLad lives with his parents.

Yukio Mishima, Shigeru Miyamoto, Isoroku Yamamoto, Takeshi Kitano, Junichi Inamoto, Akira Kurosawa…

…your boys took a hell of a beating.

My dad during the Japan game: “Mitsubishi must be gutted with all this advertising Honda is getting…” borderline racist LAD - Truelad.com

You’ve confused ‘borderline racist’ with ‘a shit joke’ there. 

As soon as the Japanese penalty taker missed my dad squirmed and said “He’ll be falling on his sword later!” Slightly racist LAD

Yes, that’s more racist. Although it’s Romans who ‘fall on their swords.’ But it seems a waste of time to quibble over historical inaccuracies with the most standard kind of racist. The actual content here wasn’t shocking - it was the fact that somebody considered it worth sharing.

I’ll be very interested to find out if this is the only post on this site that includes the words “Munich Putsch”

I went to Munich with some mates a few weeks ago. We went to the biggest beer hall there called the Hofbrauhaus. Its where the Munich Putsch happened as Hitler tried to seize power. We got chucked out for being to rowdy with a huge rendition of God Save the Queen. morepatrioticthanthenazisLAD - Truelad.com

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